3 Reasons To Choose Organic

I am an advocate of organic food. Of course, I want to give my children and my family food that is free of chemicals and pesticides, but there are many more reasons to choose organic. The ecological options are more expensive than the green and buying organic is no alternative to many. An environmental choice is better than nothing, do not forget it. If you have the opportunity, make the natural choices that fit into your budget.

But why do you choose to make the most of the ecological choices? Here I have the list five reasons that I feel are important. Even though they are numbered, I consider none of them more important than anyone else. We are all different, and various aspects weigh differently with us. For someone, food is free from poison most importantly for someone else; it is the living conditions of the animal. Therefore, I do not make a ranking here but just want to highlight five aspects of organic food.

1. Clean food

Of course, none of us wants to bring us a lot of poisons and chemical pesticides with the food we eat daily. Even less, we want our children to get it by themselves. I do not think that anyone is saying that.

Organic food is not only free of poisons but certainly more healthy in other ways as well. Organic food does not allow any synthetic color or flavorings, sweeteners, flavors or hardened fats.

It is evident that growing and animals that are driven naturally and on their terms mean more nutritious food for us. Cows from organic farms, for example, eat a lot of clover and grass, give meat with a significantly higher proportion of the useful fatty acid omega-3 than cows to a conventional animal breeding that never sees daylight and is given a fish meal to eat.

2. Biodiversity

Where a field or field is sprayed with chemical pesticides, not only do weeds die, but also insects and other plants that do not harm. If some plants and animals die out or shrink substantially, the natural balance of the soil is disturbed. As fewer wild flowers grow on our fields, we also automatically get fewer bees, butterflies, etc.

3. GMO

GMO or genetically modified organisms, which means that the legacy is modified/altered in a way that can not happen naturally. For example, the purpose may be to make crops more resistant to fouling, drought, etc.

Although the idea of ​​GMO in some ways is good (intention), we still do not know how this affects us and nature in the long run.

The only way to completely avoid genetically modified food is to choose organic foods. A USDA organic tag, for example, does not allow any form of GMO in production.

By choosing organic food, I consider that you also take a stand against and show that you think GMO is wrong.

This is far from all the reasons that can be listed for why it is wise to choose organic. But still, five things to keep in mind when we are going to make our choices in the supermarket.

The organic alternatives are more expensive than the ecological (some foods more and others smaller). But for several foods, I feel that it"s worth those extra crowns. And again, an organic choice is better than nothing.